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The floating community
A festival-like book about a spontaneously co-evolved and self-organized community of outsiders, created in close collaboration with current and former residents: Andreas Wolf, Gabriel, Kami, Kasper Hedegreen, Örn, Patryk, Sira Hentze, Stephen James Back and Storken.
Henrik Valeur (2021) The Architectural Publisher B. ISBN: 978-87-92700-35-3. 264 pages.

En anden by (Another city)
Debate book about the developer-driven and technocratic controlled model, which has dominated urban development during the past few decades, including discussions and descriptions of an alternative and more anarchistic approach.
“Virkelig vigtig bog. Den går rent ind.” Gitte Juul, architect.
“Henrik Valeurs lille bog ‘En anden by’ er et frustrerende bekendtskab. […] Den stiller flere spørgsmål, end den besvarer, og tematisk er den en rodebutik.” Kasper Lægring, architect.
Henrik Valeur (2021) The Architectural Publisher B. ISBN: 978-87-92700-35-3. 120 pages.

India: the Urban Transition – a Case Study of Development Urbanism
Discussion of problems related to the urban transition of India and proposals for possible solutions made in collaboration with activists, bureaucrats, developers, entrepreneurs, researchers and students in India.
”The fine grain reading of issues in the Indian city is an important contribution so is the attempt to connect so many dots to make sense of the moving targets we encounter in Urbanism in India.” Rahul Mehrotra, Professor and Chair of Urban Planning and Design, Harvard University.
“Henrik’s observations appear valuable in repositioning important questions and seeking opportunities for creative solutions.” Mukta Naik, Senior Research Associate, Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi.
“This well-supported study, excavating some critical problems facing South Asian cities and offering a range of solutions, is a fascinating and invigorating work that deserves a wide readership.” Preeti Chopra, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Henrik Valeur (2014) The Architectural Publisher B. ISBN: 978-87-92700-09-4. 344 pages.


Shanghai-Beijing – byhistorier og moderne byer (Shanghai-Beijing – urban stories and modern cities)
Compendium for study trip to China with the Danish Association of Architects.
Henrik Valeur (2010) Self-published. 44 pages.
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The Harmonious City
Catalogue for exhibition at Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center.
Contributions by UiD, The Danish Ministry for the Environment, The Danish Transport Research Institute, The Municipality of Copenhagen, The Municipality of Odense, APV, BioKube, Building Heritage of Denmark, CIOS, Danfoss, DHI, Grontmij | Carl Bro, Kontrapunkt, Roxul / Rockwool, Velux, Vestas.
Henrik Valeur (ed.) (2007) The Danish Architecture Centre. ISBN 87-90668-64-2. 84 pages.
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CO-EVOLUTION: Danish/Chinese Collaboration on Sustainable Urban Development in China
Catalogue for exhibition at the Venice Biennale, 10th International Architecture Exhibition and the 2nd Architectural Biennial Beijing.
Contributions by Henrik Valeur and UiD, CEBRA + Tsinghua, COBE + CQU, EFFEKT + Tongji and TRANSFORM + XAUAT.
Excerpt from the curator’s statement: Sustainable urban development is a global issue. Not only in the geographical sense, whereby we all depend on the same resources and are affected by the same pollution, but also in the professional sense in that no single discipline can solve these problems alone. Thus, sustainable urban development must be thought out in collaboration between various peoples and disciplines.
Henrik Valeur (ed.) (2006) CO-EVOLUTION. The Danish Architecture Centre. ISBN 87-90668-61-8. 186 pages.
Henrik Valeur (ed.) (2007) CO-EVOLUTION. Beijing, China Electric Power Press. ISBN 978-7-5083-5323-4. 186 pages.
E-book [10.2 MB]

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A New Future for Planning
Catalogue for exhibition at the 6th European Biennal of Towns and Town Planners. Contributions by Blankspace, Copenhagenoffice, Effekt, Force4, Mutopia, Nord, Testbedstudio and UiD.
Excerpt from the introduction by Henrik Valeur and Claus Peder Pedersen: The offices share a common understanding of the challenges and potentials of contemporary planning, but use this understanding to create different niches, different interests, which are reflected in the methods and tools presented by them in this publication.
Henrik Valeur and Frederik Fritzson (eds.) (2005) The Architectural Publisher B. ISBN 87-990146-5-3. 88 pages.
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Catalogue for exhibition at Form/Design Center, Malmö.
Excerpt: As a trans-national region the Öresund region differs from many other regions. Local discussions often focus on specific historical or cultural conditions, which either connect or disconnect Danes and Swedes, but the inhabitants of the Öresund region do not constitute two homogenuous populations.
Henrik Valeur and Frederik Fritzson (2001) Self-published. 26 pages.
E-book [4.2MB]
E-book [4.2MB]

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Catalogue for exhibition at Arkitekturgalleriet (#9), the Danish Architecture Centre. Contributions by Alex Wall, Christophe Cornubert, MIKAN, njiric+njiric, WEST8 and UiD.
Excerpt from the introduction: ”99 is not a presentation of architecture in the usual sense. Nor is it a display of a specific style, theory or ism, defining itself by distancing itself from standard architecture. In the words of the author it is an exhibition that attempts to substitute architecture with a capital “A” in favor of an understanding of architecture as a materialization of our time.
Henrik Valeur (1999) The Architectural Publisher B. ISBN 87-90668-14-6. 32 pages.

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