People’s University

People’s University (Folkets Universitet) is a platform for critical thinking and creative action loosely associated with People’s House (Folkets Hus) in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. We wish to change ourselves and the world around us from within and from below. The intention of the course Another City is to strengthen the resistance and enable alternatives to the developer-driven and technocratically controlled urban development by exploring the possibilities for spontaneous and self-organized forms of urbanization based on the theory of development urbanism.

Development Urbanism

Development urbanism is a theory concerned with the correlation between urbanization, social and environmental change. A radically different approach to development and urbanism is proposed. Rather than attempting to achieve control and predictability, planners and managers, as well as decision and opinion makers, are encouraged to let urban communities develop through self-organization and co-evolution. We may let go of control if social and environmental problems are solved at the root. Problems are solved at the root by removing their causes rather than by adding additional layers of complex management systems and sophisticated technologies.

Co-evolutionary Architecture

This book differs from most other books about architecture in that its focus is on the processes of architecture rather than on the results. It is about how to conceive, create, study and teach architecture rather than about what is conceived, created, studied or taught. In that sense it also differs, in that its focus integrates theory, practice, research and education rather than focusing on only one of these areas. Synopsis

Can we change our way of living?

Over the past few decades, a greater understanding of humanity’s common challenges has emerged together with a notion that these challenges can – and will be – solved through scientific and technological achievements and policy making. We, the common people, don’t have to do anything. In fact, we should just continue to buy more products and keep on voting for the same politicians. Unfortunately, everything seems to indicate that this notion is an illusion and that the only way to solve the challenges is by changing our way of life. But this will only happen if we want it to happen, because there are no commercial or political interests in pushing an agenda that we, the consumers and the voters, don’t want. Article

Scenarios for a car-free Copenhagen

Through the discussion of challenges and opportunities and the development of ideas and visions, the project seeks to contribute to an inspiring and informed debate about Copenhagen’s future development and the formulation of long-term strategies and objectives for this development aimed at reducing the city’s environmental impact and making it more climate resilient, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, promoting solidarity and community feeling, as well as improving public health and well-being. Report