2014 – Simultaneous Modernities
Panelist at Platform for Asian Architecture and Urbanism, Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture and Environmental Studies, Mumbai, India. Panel: Gaurav Roy Chaudhary, Ranjana Dave, Avijit Mukul Kishore, Khaisri Paksukcharern, Archana Hande, Sheema Fatima, Bishakha Datta, Renu Savant, Suprio Bhattacharjee, Lubaina Rangwala, Ritesh Uttamchandani, Apidaree Kasemsook, Simon Shu, Durganand Balsavar, Mufaddal Husein, Henrik Valeur and Vandana RanjitSinh. Moderators: Ashok Lall and George Jose.

2014 – Towards sustainable production in Asia-our actions
Panelist at the Asia Energy Conference, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Organized by Energy Crossroads Denmark. Panel: Flemming Ytzen (moderator), Peggy Mischke, Neelabh Singh and Henrik Valeur.

2011 – Chandigarh’s Future: Real Problems and Potential Opportunities
Speaker at an open forum organized by ART WORKLTD, London, and Between Friends, Chandigarh. Respondent: Shri Pawan Bansal, Indian Minister of Science and Technology. Panelists: Henrik Valeur and Prof. John Bass, University of British Columbia, Canada. Moderator Jyoti Kamal, senior editor for CNN. Held at City Art Museum, Chandigarh, India
The population of Chandigarh is expected to double within the next 20-30 years. This may stimulate development and give many people the possibility of a better life, but it may also lead to social and environmental disaster.
Presentation [96K] pdf
Article in DAC News 04.04.2011
Review in Indian Express 28.03.2011 [1.2MB] jpg

John Bass, Pawan Bansal, Joyti Kamal and Henrik Valeur in Chandigarh, 2011
John Bass, Pawan Bansal, Joyti Kamal and Henrik Valeur in Chandigarh, 2011

2010 – Global Environmental Issues and Climate Change
Speaker and panelist at a national seminar organized by MCM DAV College for Women, Chandigarh. Panel: Raminder Chaudhary, Simmi Hans, Neena Singh and Henrik Valeur.
The seminar will provide a platform for academicians, research scholars, students, NGO’S and industry representative to converge and study in detail the global environmental issues affecting climate change, effect of climate change and its mitigation.
Article in Tribune 11.11.2010

2010 – Innovations for Planned Urbanization
Speaker at a roundtable organized by Young Indians, Confederation of Indian Industry. Speakers: Sumit Kaur, Henrik Valeur and Rajnish Wattas.
The discussion aims to bring a representative set of all stakeholders, namely citizens, young professionals, corporates, Government, academia, urban planners, etc. to deliberate and suggest innovations in planned urbanization that can begin a conversation to plan for these new planned urban areas which will form the landscape of India’s future.

2009 – Climate change and future cities
Moderator and speaker at a seminar on the relationship between climate change and cities. Organized by UiD and GLB&D. Held at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark. Speakers: Henrik Valeur, Dominic Balmforth, Søren Leth and Tanja Jordan.

2009 – Climate Change, Cities and Urban Life
Moderator of a symposium on the relationship between climate change and cities. Organized by UiD, GLB&D and the Center for Urban Planning at the School of Architecture in Copenhagen. Held at the School of Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark. Speakers: Alejandro Gutierrez, Vanessa Miriam Carlow and Victor Tenez Ybern. Moderators: Henrik Valeur and prof. Jens Kvorning.
How does climate change influence the way we use and plan our cities?

2008 – Transforming Chinese Urbanism
Speaker at a symposium on lifestyle, culture, architecture and cities. Organized by the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, FAR Architecure Center in Shanghai and UiD. Held at Bridge 8 in Shanghai, P.R.China. Speakers (Session one: Future Visions): Alejandro Gutierrez, Bittor L. Sánchez-Monasterio, Greg Girard, Henrik Valeur, Stephen Wang, Su Yunsheng, Xiangning Li, Xu Wei Guo and Zhao Min. Speakers (Session two: Urban Culture and Creativity): Anson Chan, Defne Ayas, Gao Yan, Giel Groothuis, Jeb Beresford, Lydia Kim, Rebecca Catching, Richard Wei-Tse Wang and Tom Verebes.
The objective of the symposium is to expose the projective imagination of a generation at the forefront of Chinese urban culture and to demonstrate the range of cultural and technological innovations occurring across a variety of design disciplines.

2008 – A Green Future [Made in China]
Speaker at a symposium on urban sustainability and international collaboration. Organized by CUBE, DAC | Danish Architecture Centre and UiD. Held at the Centre for the Urban Built Environment in Manchester, UK. Speakers: Henrik Valeur, Vanessa Carlow and Samuel Y. Liang. Moderator: Simon Guy.
Will the eco-friendly cities of the future be “Made in China”? What role will architects and urban planners play? What can East and West learn from each other?
Resume [56K] pdf

2007 – Intercultural and Interdisciplinary
Speaker at the Forum de Debates at the 7th Sao Paulo International Biennial of Architecture. Held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Speakers: Henrik Valeur, Kolja Nielsen and Sinus Lynge. Moderator: Francisco Spadoni.

2007 – Futures of Cities
Lead speaker at a session entitled “the construction of urban identity” at the 51st IFHP World Congress. Organized by IFHP, Realdania and the City of Copenhagen. Held in Copenhagen, Denmark.
No surprise, these processes of rapid and extensive urbanization and the associated new urban lifestyles, exert tremendous pressure on both local and global environments. But they also produce an urban population somehow lost in transition.
Abstract [72K] pdf

Henrik Valeur in Copenhagen, 2007
Henrik Valeur in Copenhagen, 2007

2007 – Futures of Cities
Moderator of a forum about CO-EVOLUTION at the 51st IFHP Student Congress. Organized by IFHP, Realdania and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. Held in Copenhagen, Denmark. Speakers: Carsten Primdahl, Liang Wei, Tue Foged and Vanessa Carlow.
Co-evolution is the title for the prize-winning work of young Danish architecture offices in collaboration with Chinese universities for the 2006 Venice Biennale. The session will focus on a discussion of the proposals by the four offices dealing with the issue of sustainable development in rapidly urbanizing areas in China.

2007 – Planning the Harmonious City
Moderator of a seminar on sustainable urban development. Organized by UiD, Tongji University and General Danish Consulate of Shanghai. Held at Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, P.R.China. Speakers: Prof. Li Wuwei, Shanghai Social Science Institute and Vice Chairman of Shanghai People’s Congress. Mr. Peder Baltzar Nielsen, Chief Consultant, Danish Ministry of Environment. Prof. Huang Fuxiang, Former Director of Shanghai Urban Planning and Design Institute. Mr. Søren Hvilshøj, Marketing Director of Environment, Water and Energy, Grontmil |Carl Bro. Moderators: Henrik Valeur and Prof. Pan Haixiao.

Henrik Valeur, Pan Haixiao, Peder Baltzar Nielsen, Li Wuwei, Søren Hvilshøj, Huang Fuxiang and Kent Martinussen in Shanghai, 2007
Henrik Valeur, Pan Haixiao, Peder Baltzar Nielsen, Li Wuwei, Søren Hvilshøj, Huang Fuxiang and Kent Martinussen in Shanghai, 2007

2006 – The Contemporary City
Moderator of a seminar organized by CPH:DOX and onedotzero. Held at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark. Speakers: Andreas Ruby, Bjarke Ingels and Nic Clear.

2006 – Architecture in Harmony
Speaker and member of the organizing committee at the Xi’an International Conference of Architecture and Technology. Organized by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology. Held in Xi’an, P.R.China.
In the 21st century, based on rapid economic growth for the past twenty years, China is witnessing a new epoch with great opportunities and challenges. Out of strategic concern of sustainable and scientific development, the Chinese government aims at building a harmonious society with energy-efficiency and harmony with nature. It is a significant topic for the studies in both natural and social sciences right now and in the times to come.
Thesis [84K] pdf

Henrik Valeur and Liu Linan in Xi'an, 2006
Henrik Valeur and Liu Linan in Xi’an, 2006

2005 – The Street: an Urban Platform?
Speaker at a panel-debate organized by the 2nd Guangzhou Triennial of Contemporary Art. Held at Guangdong Museum of Art, P.R.China. Speakers: Henrik Valeur, Yu Bochun and Francois Geindre. Moderator: Zhou Jian.

2005 – cities: grand bazaar of architectureS
Presenter of a paper, a multimedia show and a topical meeting (by Henrik Valeur and Fredrik Fritzson) at the XXIInd World Architecture Congress. Supported by the Federation of Danish Architects. Organized by UIA (Union of International Architects). Held in Istanbul, Turkey.
The urban region includes not only the city and its suburbs, but also the provincial towns, the rural districts and the nature reserves. In fact, it has no clear external borders. Instead it has plenty of internal ones.
Abstract [32K] pdf

2005 – The Perfect Plan?
Speaker at a panel debate on regional planning. Organized by the Danish Town Planning Institute. Held at DAC | Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark. Speakers: Henrik Valeur, Bent Flyvbjerg and Peter Hartoft-Nielsen. Moderator: Kent Martinussen.

2004 – CHECK-IN Öresund
Speaker at a symposium about the Öresund Region. Organized by CoMa/Henrik Valeur and Fredrik Fritzson in collaboration with and supported by the Greater Copenhagen Authority and Region Skåne. Held at DAC | Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark. Speakers: Jan Engell, Regional Planner, the Planning Division, the Greater Copenhagen Authority. Charlotte Lindström, Chief Administrator, Planning and Environment, Region Skåne. Mats Olsson, Director of City Planning, the City of Malmö. Martin Holgaard, Chief Planner, the Municipality of Roskilde, Henrik Valeur and Fredrik Fritzson. Moderator: Morten Daugaard.
Article in Dagens Nyheter 02.05.2004 [360K] jpg

2003 – curio[city]
Speaker at a panel debate on the ‘trans glocal city’. Organized by AESWAD and the School of Arts and Communication at Malmö University, Sweden. Held at Rooseum Museum in Malmö, Sweden. Speakers: Henrik Valeur, Fredrik Fritzson, Tina Giannopoulos and Per Markku Ristilammi.

Henrik Valeur and Fredrik Fritzson in Malmö, 2003
Henrik Valeur and Fredrik Fritzson in Malmö, 2003

2002 – about.CoMa
Speaker at a public debate on regional urbanity. Organized by CoMa/Henrik Valeur and Fredrik Fritzson. Held at Form/Design Center in Malmö, Sweden.
From the ancient city-states to the industrial metropolises different societies have expressed themselves through different patterns of urban organization. Perhaps it is possible to see the emerging urban regions as manifestations of a new multicultural society.

2002 – Emerging Cities
Speaker at a panel-debate on urban development. Organized by the Federation of Danish Architects and DAC | Danish Architecture Centre. Held at DAC | Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark. Speakers: Henrik Valeur and Carsten Thau. Moderator: Kent Martinussen.

1999 – Debate ’99
Moderator of a public debate with Christophe Cornubert. Organized by Henrik Valeur. Held at DAC | Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The ’99 initiative sets out to raise a debate about architecture in relation to our time.

1997 – Synoekismos
Invited participant in an international symposium on urban development. Organized by Richard Ingersoll, Rice University, Houston. Held in Tuscany, Italy.